What is a POP-UP Store?

A Pop-Up store is a temporary shop that takes place in an atypical location or in a boutique. This eventful store is personalized to the brand’s image for an undetermined duration.

Who can be interested by a Pop Up Store?

A Pop-Up store concerns all brands or entities willing to create a better visibility and exposure (buzz) in a new place for a defined period of time.
If you are a young brand, a corporate brand, an e-business website, an artist, a creator, a designer… The Pop Store is a great tool to sell and physically communicate that allows you to test your market and have a concrete approach of your customers.

What are the maximum and minimum renting time?

The shortest renting time is a day and the longest is one month.

Pop-Up Gallery/ Pop-Up Store? (Art)

A Pop-Up Gallery works the same way as the Pop Up store it concerns all artists, creators, designers who wish to expose and share their art.

What services The Square agency offers?

The Square offers a large range of services such as a selection of different places, decoration, set-up, logistic, sell management, communication and others…

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